1. Forum / Group of registered Patent Agents (PAAi members) for knowledge sharing/exchange
  2. Logo of Patent Agent (proposed)
  3. Newsletter / journals (proposed)
  4. Periodic meetings / Networking
  5. Committee members (sector/region wise)
  6. Discounts on IP events (domestic/international)
  7. Training by USPTO/EPO/JPO/GIPC (USCC)
  8. Discounts on IP books
  9. Discounts on digital signatures
  10. Regular interaction with IPO examiners for knowledge exchange
  11. Speaker opportunity
  12. Discounts on early subscription of various patent databases
  13. Empanelment of independent patent agents in the PARIS (Patent Assistant for Resident Indian and Startups) program
  14. Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy (proposed)
  15. Residential society for Patent Agents across India (proposed)
  16. many more..