Type of Membership:

(a) Ordinary Members must be a registered Patent Agent with Intellectual Property Office – India. The Ordinary Members shall have right to vote and hold office with the association. An Ordinary Member is entitled to one vote.


(b) Associate Members must be a registered Patent Agent with any countries provided that the concerned country is a member of either WIPO/PCT or WTO. The Associate Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold office with the association.


© Institutional Members: must be a non-individual entity. The institutional members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligibile to hold office with the association.


Common benefits: as published time to time on the website.


The entrance fees and annual subscriptions for membership are:      

            Ordinary Member

Entry fees: INR 1,000.00

Annual Subscription fees: INR 1,000.00


            Associate Member

Entry Fees: INR 0.00

Annual Subscription Fees: INR 0.00


Institutional Members

Entry fee: INR 25,000.00

Annual Subscription Fees: INR 25,000
Annual subscriptions are payable at the commencement of each calendar year.


Becoming Member of PAA:

Those who wish to become member of the association can do so by sending us completely filled form to membership@paai.org.in .

Click HERE to download the membership form in PDF

Click HERE to fill out the membership form online


Eligibility of Applicant:
• He/she must at least 21 years old.
• He/she accepts to follow the rules and regulation of committee of the association.
• He/she bears good moral character.
• He/she has faith and dedication in the association.
• He/she is a registered Patent Agent.

Removal of membership:
• After death of the member.
• On mental illness or behaving un-naturally.
• On not paying the mentioned fees.
• On removal of his/her name from the register of Patent Agent at the IPO India.
• On resignation and acceptance of the same.
• On conviction of bearing no moral character, found indiscipline towards the association,
the membership will be on suspended by the direction of executive committee; the member
will be given written notice of the direction and will be given opportunity of being heard.

Please note that the executive committee will have full right to accept or reject the application.

Note: (a)

(i) All payment should be in a bank DD favoring “PATENT AGENTS ASSOCIATION” payable at New Delhi.

(ii) Payment can also be made online using following details:

Account name: Patent Agents Association

Account number # 10590100012932

IFSC Code: BARB0NEHRUP (5th character is zero)


Bank name & Branch: Bank of Baroda, Nehru Place, New Delhi

(b) Bank DD along with a passport size photo and a copy of ID proof should be sent at following:

Patent Agents Association
(Kind Attention: Mr Sidharth Bansal)
D-21 Corporate park, Near Delhi International Airport, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075 India
Mobile: +91-978-084-5648