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In today's competitive global knowledge economy where intangible assets (e.g Intellectual property rights) contributing significantly in the development of a country or a corporation, the Government of India aims to create a new and vibrant intellectual property industry in India. The industry is requiring a new group of highly-specialized experts such as intellectual property ("IP") lawyers, patent agents and attorneys, patent engineers, and in-house IP officers. The Patent Agent Association of India ("PAAI") aspires to promote and enhance the new profession of patent agents in India. We aim to do this by promoting and encouraging acceptable minimum standards of quality work, integrity and conduct. In particular, we are and have been 
  • promoting the education and training of Patent Agents and other patent professionals in India;

  • assisting aspiring professionals to pass the qualifying examinations (defined u/s 126 of The Patents Act, 1970) for becoming Patent Agents in India;

  • assisting in the institution and introduction of practice, procedure, training and legislation concerning patents in India;

  • establishing and implementing rules, directives and a code of conduct pertaining the profession of patent agents inIndia;

  • working with the Intellectual Property Office, India ("IPO India") and industry to provide education and training to industry in India regarding the patent system and the benefits of using the patent system;

  • engaging in activities and reciprocal co-operation with other associations, national and international for educating the public about the intellectual property rights especially patents;

  • promoting use of Hindi and other Indian languages in the patent practice.

PAAI is seeking the support of the IPO India and will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the IPO India to assist in training the patent agents and other Patent specialists in India.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any queries, require information concerning our association, or have enquiries about the patent profession.

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